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July 10, 2010 Wow so long since the last update let's make it a big one. First we are skipping 2009. It was not a steller year.
All of todays update will all be about the Velociraptor bike. Andrew and Adam have moved to Oklahoma so they will not be helping with the bike build. However Eric has stepped up to the plate in a major way and also Steve is lending a hand. So to honor their hard work I am taking down the old pages and I have put up new ones called the Velociraptor Speedbike Journal . Less of me rambling on and more pictures. Watch the bike transform as I change my mind on a daily basis and try to get ready for the WHPSC2010.

March 08, 2009 The ROV S.T.E.W.I.E hits the water. It is still in the WIP gallery and as soon as the camera is working I will create it's own section. Adam Hill, part of the Veleciraptor project also, came down and wired the entire sub. It worked first time and nobody got shocked. A rare event for any Copeland project. Thanks Adam.

October 01, 2008 EPIC FAIL!! I finally made it to Battle Mountain after 5 years. Late Friday night we loaded the truck and the trailer and Andrew Kock and I set out. We drove all night and all the next day. Finally stopping for the night only to roll into Battle Mountain, NV on Sunday morning. It was an incredible trip and we met some great people. However the bike was not ready. I rushed the construction of the shell and it was heavy and not sturdy at all. Andrew and I worked for three days in the hot sun but could not get the machine ready for her debut. We even crashed it a few times on the Nevada backroads with horrible results. I did finally get to see actual streamliners and the trip was incredible. We left on Wednesday and went to the Bonneville Salt Flats to watch Speedweek. Not only are the Salt Flats incredible but the machines are too and it was a great experience standing on the holy ground of speed. After Utah we headed to Bonne Terra, Missouri to SCUBA dive in an abandoned lead mine. It was cold and dark and I had no problem being part of a "tour" with a guide that worked for the mine. Incredibly clear water.Photos of our trip can be found in both the SCUBA gallery and in the Velociraptor gallery along with some glamour shots of the final bike.Also check out the logo and the shirts I ordered.

March 01, 2008
Added a new SCUBA Gallery. Planning on ramping up the diving activity as both my son, Colin,and a good friend, Andrew Kock, both got certified. Also a few new sculpts are in the sculpture gallery, Frank the Bunny, Pika-Kill and the MurkGill Warrior. I feel good about this years attempt to make it to Battle Mountain. Been wasting alot of early morning time on World of Warcraft. If you are on Uldaman Server say hello to Leeloo the Undead Warlock. Check out the WIP gallery for a new project. A small ROV submarine made from PVC, a security camera and some bilge pumps.

June 01, 2007 On 4-28-07 Marybeth and I were married. I geuss she liked the bike project so well that she had to take on a larger role.
Our Wedding Photos 4-28-07 The bike project will not make it to Battle Mountain in 2007 but I didi add some more build photos and some finished frame photos. Also I had to turn off and remove all comments for all photos. Some spam master thought it would be great to comment on every photo and add a link to a porn site. So i removed all privlages and deleted what little comments that I had.

February 14, 2006 Good to go! I am back and with a vengence. The bike project is in full swing and going better then ever. Marybeth Alexander has joined Team Copeland for the build and looks to be the driving force behind this years attempt. However Tom Reidenbach has returned home and will be unavilable for work parties but will still maintain a roll as advisor. (Just means he gets out of all the sanding!) The all NEW Velociraptor will be a work of art as much as it is a power machine. Its planned roll out will be March 15th. I am dragging behind on updating the history pages but will start to record the current work on the 2006 page. I have also uploaded a handful of images from the 2005 build and 2006 build into the gallery. As far as clay goes... I haven't touched the stuff in about 3 months but I did start a cutaway model of the Bell X-1 in 1/72 scale.

September 22, 2005 EVERYTHING has come to a screeching halt. For reasons that I will not go into I had to shut down the
Velociraptor Speedbike project from April til October. In October I should be able to start construction again. In the meantime I have started to build the web pages for the bike and they will be setup like a journal with descriptions and photos of the work.I have sold a few Sleestak but I have decided to remold it. I am very unhappy with the quality of the molds and the amount of cleanup work required to get the castings to look like the original sculpt. As always check out the WIP (Works In Progress) gallery pages for the latest sculpting set.

May 13, 2005 As the Velociraptor Speedbike work carries on at a frenzied pace I have decide to build a dedicated page to document the construction and testing. Just click on the "Road Signs". The page is still under construction but has links to the main race site and the temporary page. You can always get more detailed photos of the bike in it's dedicated gallery. In sculpture I have made the molds for the Sleestak and will cast a few copies of him very soon. I kindof sidetracked the Springfield Vice and have started working on a 12" figure of Vampi. Look for her pictures in the "Works in Progress Gallery" soon.I also just finished working through a Photoshop coloring tutorial that I purchased from Brian Haberlin. The character is Abbey Chase drawn by J. Scott Campbell and you can see her picture in the 2-D art gallery.I will also be at Wonderfest in Louisville KY on May 28 as a spectator only. There is always some great kits that show up there.

March 17, 2005 I added 16 new pictures to the 2-D Art Album and 24 pictures to the Velociraptor Speedbike album. No captions or descriptions yet.

March 14, 2005 I finally decided to start a site and today it is up and running. The gallery pages are going well thanks to the Gallery program and the fine tech support at OLM. Be sure to keep checking back as things are moving pretty fast these days.

Sculpture- Finishing up Springfield Vice and starting my first two human sculpts.
Velociraptor Speedbike- Since the bike is being built in an unheated garage everything is on hold until we get some warm weather. Tom Reidenbach has joined the team and will be supervising the new molds. The drivetrain is finished and will go to paint this weekend. I am just waitng on some cash to purchase carbon fiber for the center beam. I will be populating the gallery with images from the past three years.